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Tactical Body Weight Vest | Camo 20kg


The Fitness Hero adjustable 20kg weight vest is made from heavy duty army camouflage canvas. The custom adjustable fastenings make it snug and comfortable to wear during any dynamic routine.  Complete with 10 x 2kg iron sand filled bags which give our vest versatility that you won't find in other weight vests.

What Is a Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest is simply a vest that is filled with sand, small steel bars, or other weighted objects. The general purpose of a weighted vest is to add extra weight and challenge to body-weight exercises, walking, stair climbs, distance running or speed sprints, riding a bike, agility drills, rope-jumping, core strengthening, or weight training.

Weighted vests are a fantastic workout addition where carrying a little extra baggage can actually improve your physical performance for a wider set of muscle groups. Research has shown that using this type of extra load during sprinting or speedwork requires your lower-body muscles to generate more force against the ground, and can lead to improvements in strength, power, and acceleration during running, as well as increased strength and efficiency during speed, power, and agility drills.

By simply doing your daily activities with a bit of extra weight you can significantly increase your calorie burn and can also increase intensity of an activity or exercise that would normally be easy and even help with bone density by loading the skeletal system.

Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Athletes

The weight adjustability of Fitness Hero' camouflaged 20kg weighted vest creates additional resistance during muscle building, body-weight exercises, and heart-pumping cardio activities – making you expend more energy to achieve your fitness goals. 


WEIGHT Adjustable up to 20kg 
MATERIAL Sturdy heavy duty army camouflage canvas Camouflage colour may vary between traditional and charcoal blue
FILLING Iron Sand Weighted Sandbags
  • 5 x 2kg removable sand filled weights at front & back 
  • Wide adjustable velcro belt adjustable to all sizes 
  • Utility D-Rings on shoulders