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Skyline X3A Treadmill - 3HP -Commercial

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This is a heavy duty commercial treadmill featuring a 3 hp AC induction motor with a peak output of 6hp/2.2kW 8.6A, 1450 rpm. This durable unit will be used over and over every day so it is built with the gym owner in mind.
3HP AC Induction Motor (Peak Rating 6HP/2.2kW)

Why induction motors? Simply put:-
  • Quieter
  • Less Moving Parts
  • Longer Lasting
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Able to withstand hours of endless use
The heart of this heavy duty treadmill is massive 3HP AC induction motor (Peak 7HP/2.2kW) unlike a DC motor the AC has less wear and tear combine this with the latest state of the art inverter the skyline commercial treadmill will get your heaviest trainer up to 20 km per hour in seconds without missing a beat.
30mm Reversible Deck
The major wear and tear you get on any treadmills is from the deck and the treadmill mat. To add more life to these two components Orbit has matched a 25 mm reversible deck with a self lubricating 2.1 thick 3 layered running belt adding double the life so you get more run time and less down time.
3 Layer Running Belt
Standard high end domestic treadmills and even low end commercials are equipped with 2 layer running belts. The 3rd centre layer is produced with a steel mesh weave providing strength, thickness, durability and stiffness to prevent unwanted stretching, that can cause slipping which, in turn, requires a maintenance person to tighten the belt. (Limited Tightening Available). The top layer has also been upgraded for extra grip.

Maintenance Free Belt & Deck System
Maintenance free belt and deck system is great for a very busy gym owner who is required to do daily maintenance on all of the gym equipment. The mat and deck are infused with silicone lengthening the time between deck lubrication. This generally can be left to the Orbit half yearly regular service.
Micro-V Gates 300J Belt Drive
Increased flexibility Reduced heat build up and high roller conveyers. The Skyline series X8200A is equipped with the highest quality drive belt and offers smooth running with minimal vibration at high speeds. Furthermore with fibre reinforced ribs this wear and tear resistant belt offers once again reduced maintenance costs.

High Tensile Steel Tube

Built strong with a heavy gauge steel frame (Depressed orbicular tube 60x180x3mm), the Orbit Skyline is designed to take the constant punishment of the commercial environment. Durable powder coat paint and aluminium side rails and console mast keep this machine sturdy and solid for years.
Quick Start
The computer is simple and easy to use featuring a QUICK START button stop and pause. If you are a regular gym goer or just the occasional visitor to a gym when you are on holidays it can be frustrating to have to press several buttons or ask for help. What everyone wants is when they jump on the treadmill and are ready to walk jog or run it shouldn’t be too confusing with a lot of buttons and screens to view so on our Skyline you just press the big QUICK START button and away you go. 

Automatic Speed and Incline

The incline is controlled by a powerful servo which extends and retracts the front stabilizing legs. To complement this we have added quick speed and incline buttons so just choose your speed or incline by pressing 3,6,9,12 or 15. How easy is that?


USAGE Commercial
MOTOR SIZE 3HP AC Induction Motor (Peak 7HP/2.2kW)
8.6A, 1450 rpm
SPEED RANGE 1-20km/hr
RUNNING SURFACE 145cm x 52cm
OTHER FEATURES Quick Start 5 Quick Speed and Incline Keys
PROGRAMS Pre-setting, Manual setting
READ OUTS Time, speed, distance,heart rate, calorie, incline
DIMENSIONS 218cm x 93cm x 142cm
WARRANTY 10 year motor, Lifetime frame

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