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Seated Cable Row V-Bar - Rubber Handle | Arrives August


Maximum Back and Lat Muscle Stimulation 
This Close grip seated row /chinning bar (also known as a “V” bar or triangle bar) is designed to clip on cable exercise equipment and is the perfect back compound back training tool that will build your lats and upper back.

Using the “V” bar allows you to work with your knees bent and puts your back in the right position enabling your workout to be a lot more effective. By using a straight bar, your knees will be a lot straighter causing you movements to be more restricted
Solid Construction
Made from extra heavy-duty welded flange and perfectly balanced to ensure a smooth and quiet operation. Each end is polished and precision-ground to an exact radius The urethane rubber grip has a knurled diamond textured grip to ensure non-slip and reduced finger fatigue, and strain on your wrist whilst you train.  
Seated Row Handle Bar / Chinning Bar Exercises:
  • Close Grip overhand Lat Pulldown - When you pull down vertically whilst doing a lat pull down it will train mostly your lats and a portion of your back
  • Seated Row - When you pull horizontally whilst doing a seated row you will be engaging your upper back muscles your lats.
  • Pull ups - You can hang the “V” grip handle from a rope to do lat pull-up in stead of lat pull downs. The swinging actions caused by your body pulling up will forced to activate your pelvic floor and your abs to stabilise your torso as you do a pull-up therefore giving you a good core workout as well.
  • Bent Over Row - You can also connect the Triangle bar under a olympic bar to perform close grip bent over row exercise